Are you a phubber?


So, you’re sitting in a restaurant with a group of friends and you’re telling a good story. A really good story. Then one of your friends grabs his phone during your story, to check for incoming messages. And completely stops paying attention. Does this sound familiar to you?

Being offline, in a world  where we are connected 24/7 seems an impossible mission. Be honest… do you ever check your phone in the middle of a conversation or if you’re a night out in a bar or restaurant? Or do you know someone who is guilty of Phubbing? We are 99,99% sure your answer to this question is ‘yes’. And that is not strange at all, considering an average restaurant has 36 cases of Phubbing per night.


Ignore or embarrass

some e-card stop phubbing

Phubbing is a combination of the word ‘phone’ and the Australian term ‘snubbing’, which means ignore: not paying attention to your company to check your phone for incoming messages. Besides checking on incoming messages ‘phubbers’ also:

  • Post a status update on Facebook
  • Text someone other than you
  • Purchase music
  • Google Matt Bomer
  • Google Scarlett Johansson
  • Play games
  • Laugh at a joke that isn’t yours


Impact on your relationship

relationship cellphone ban

Phubbing could have an impact on your relationship. Researchers at the Hankamer School of Business of Baylor University have identified eight types of Phubbing behaviour that impact relationship satisfaction:

  1. During a typical meal, when your partner and you spend some time together, he/she pulls out and checks his/her cell phone.
  2. Your partner places his/her cell phone where he/she can see it when you’re together.
  3. Your partner keeps his/her cell phone in his/her hand when he/she is with you.
  4. When your partner’s cell phone rings or beeps, he/she pulls it out even when you’re in the middle of a conversation.
  5. Your partner glances at his/her cell phone while talking to you.
  6. During leisure time you and your partner spend together, he/she uses his/her cell phone.
  7. Your partner uses his/her cell phone when you’re out together.
  8. If there is a silence in your conversation, your partner will check his/her cell phone.

The researchers found those whose romantic partners had more “phubbing” behaviors were more likely to experience conflict in the relationship and have lower levels of satisfaction.


The Countermovement

Stack smartphones during dinner

There are more and more bars and restaurants that fight against phubbing. Some places don’t offer WiFi. But in a world where almost everyone has unlimited on 4G, even that’s not enough. Phone-stacking, which is mainly trending in the United States, goes a step further. You stack all the phones on the table during a night out and the first person who can’t resist the temptation pays the bill. Other bars organize evenings with a complete smartphone ban: No Phubbing Bars. You can drop off your phone at entry and will receive a discount on the meal in return. If you choose to keep your phone with you and get caugt by the staff, you will be kicked out.

Maybe you feel the need to address to this either you recognize your ‘phubbing’ friends. Tag your friends or family in the comments below who would reach first for his phone in a No Phubbing Bar or Phone-stacking Bar.