Is ToughGlass really that tough?

blue-ray screen protector

A smartphone, and especially the screen of a smartphone, is expensive. Really expensive. According tot his infopgraphic on Techopedia, we spend billions each year on damaged, lost or stolen smartphones. A screen protector helps to prevent your screen from being scratched. However, most smartphone users are not really happy about the plastic screen protectors on the market. AVANCA® ToughGlass is not made of plastic and differs in many aspects from the ‘regular’ alternatives. What does our testpanel think of this tempered glass protector?

Patience is a virtue

Applying ToughGlass onto a smartphone is quite easy. Roel: ‘You do need to take your time, but the manual explains everything clearly.’ It is important to clean the screen of your smartphone first. Fortunately, the included alcohol swab and microfiber cloth make this an easy job.

No air bubbles

Many of our panel members used to use plastic screen protectors. ‘A disaster to place them on your phone’ is the common opinion. There is also little sympathy for the ugly air bubbles that you often see underneath the plastic. ToughGlass, however, has a special silicone adhesive side and ‘glues’ itself to your screen, as is illustrated in the short demo movie below. Bye bye air bubbles!

‘I did not expect it to be completely without bubbles. But it really is. Awesome!’ writes Migchiel. As a mail delivery man, he carries his phone with him all day.

The key test

Jean-Christophe, one our panel members who used to be sceptic about screen protectors, states that ToughGlass is the first protector that appeals to him. ‘The only available protectors until now used to be thin plastic protectors, they did not really serve me. I scratched the AVANCA® ToughGlass with a fork and keys and there is no trace of scratches!’ More than 90% of our panel had the same experience.


ToughGlass is made of special safety glass and is 0,4 mm thick. Only one of our panel members had to get used to the ‘extra layer’ on her smartphone. All other panel members did not even notice the difference. ‘After applying AVANCA® ToughGlass the screen is still clear and the touch sensitivity is not affected.’


Almost everyone who tested ToughGlass does not have the desire to remove the screenprotector. Just in case you do wish to remove it, the included removal tool can be used. Note that after removal, the same ToughGlass cannot be applied again.

A tough product

Our test panel is clearly excited about ToughGlass. The screen protector passed the test with an average score of 9.0 (on a 10 scale base). ‘ToughGlass is the perfect product if you want to protect your phone from scratches and stains’ says Jean-Christophe. Roel agrees: ‘The word ‘Tough’ in the product name is properly chosen.’

AVANCA® ToughGlass is a screen protector made of layered safety glass and is avaialble in several colors for different smartphone models, including iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4. Please check this page for a complete overview of our current offer.