Tested… and approved! The iPad Mini case

AVANCA® testpanel iPad Mini case

One of the main reasons to buy an iPad Mini is the compact design of the tablet. With this aluminium keyboard case, especially designed for iPad Mini you can still enjoy the compactness of your tablet, but at the same time use your tablet in a faster way. The AVANCA® test panel used the case for several weeks. What’s their opinion?

Comfortable and easy to use

The keyboard has a slim and sophisticated design. The keys are really comfortable and typing is easy. Within seconds you connect the keyboard to the tablet. ‘It’s a one time code you have to provide and then you are good to go!’

The iPad Mini can be put into the case without any trouble. ‘It is like having a mini laptop’ many of our test panel members replied. The convenience of a tablet, with the comfort of a laptop, it makes this case one of the most wanted accessories.

Easy switch

Most of our panel members own or have access to more than one tablet. Even though the case is especially designed for iPad Mini, it can also be used to type on other tablets (be aware that only the iPad Mini can be placed into the case, but you can use a separate case for your other tablets). Panel member Roel: ‘You connect each tablet with a different code just once and the keyboard remembers and recognizes each tablet, that’s great! My daugther made her own little book on her iPad. Also blind typing is really easy on this keyboard.


The keyboard does not have an automatic function to start each new sentence with a capital letter. Some panel members had to get used to that and would like to include this option in the next edition of the keyboard. The special home button however is really convenient, as it gives quick and easy access to applications.


The AVANCA® testpanel is more than satisfied. An average score of 8,5 (on a 10-scale) illustrates that satisfaction. Nicole: ‘A true recommendation if you want to get more out of your iPad Mini!’

The aluminium keyboard case for iPad Mini is available in a QWERTY or AZERTY edition.