You have to start thinking about a different excuse not to pick up your phone

mobiele oplader

An empty battery is longer an excuse not to pick up your phone. At least, that´s the opinion of the AVANCA® test panel. The Powerbar Pro 2600 mobile emergency charger provides external power for smartphones and other compact mobile devices so you can charge them easily at any place and at any time. With a 100% positive score and a final score of 8 points (out of 10) the charger smoothly passed our consumer test.

First impressions do count

Only a few panel members had been using emergency charges before they got invited to test the Powerbar Pro 2600. And not always with great success. ‘I once tried a Duracell charger which did not last too long’ Marianne told us. Others simply did not see the benefit of using an emergency charger. Nicole: ‘To me, it always seemed a bit as an inneccessary luxury’. After using the Powerbar Pro 2600 however, opinions of many panel members turned 180 degrees.

The Powerbar Pro 2600 is a solid emergency charger, which is important when you take the charger with you (and that’s what it is made for after all!). ‘If you acciddently hit your bag or purse against something, you don’t have to be afraid the charger will break’ is a frequently heard opinion amongst our (mostly female) panel members.

Easy to use

The Powerbar Pro 2600 has two connections: one to charge the charger itself and one to connect the charger to the device you wish to charge. ‘Much easier than this I don’t think it will get’ states Ingrid. Not a single panel member experienced any trouble when using the Powerbar Pro 2600. The external battery is easily charged with a USB-adapter (which is not included) connected to the current power or directly with the USB cable to a power source such as a laptop. A red light will be shown as long as the battery is charging. The Powerbar Pro 2600 is fully charged in approximately 5 hours, which is an acceptable time frame according to our panel.

Pin, pin, pin

Included with the Powerbar Pro 2600 mobile emergency charger are several connection pins. These can be connected to the USB cable and as such the charger becomes universal and can be used for (almost) any smartphone, eReader, MP3/MP4 player, GPS system or other mobile device. The charger can always be used with your own cable as well, for example for last generation Apple devices. Our panel used the Powerbar Pro 2600 with many different devices, including Sony Experia Go, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus, iPod Nano and the KOBO eReader. All devices were connected within seconds and charged easily. ‘You just take the emergency charger out of your bag, take the right pin and you are all set’, writes Maria in her review. A blue light will indicate you when your mobile device is being charged by the Powerbar Pro 2600. ‘Really convenient’ says Ingrid, ‘the difference between charging and decharging is cleary visible.’

Some of our panel members used the Powerbar Pro 2600 with a tablet. Most tablets however have large batteries and the capacity of the Powerbar Pro 2600 is not large enough to fully charge a tablet. The emergency charger is therefore mostly recommended to charge smaller mobile devices.

Would you like a bag?

The Powerbar Pro 2600 is available in different colors. Most panel members prefer white or black, but for those who like colors there’s a red or blue edition available.

More than 50 percent of our panel members would like to have a small carrying bag to carry the emergency charger and the accessories. We are happy to hear such good thoughts and will definitely look into the possibility of adding it to the package content!


The Powerbar Pro 2600 is a stable and user friendly mobile emergency charger, that can be perfectly used to charge small mobile devices such as smartphones, eReaders and MP3/MP4 players. A low battery is history! Ingrid summarizes the thoughts of many panel members at the end of her review: ‘I am really satisfied with the AVANCA® Powerbar Pro 2600 and I won’t leave the house without it anymore!’