5 easy tips to extend the battery life of your mobile device

extending battery life

In a company like AVANCA®, we are practically all addicted to our mobile devices. Luckily, there are always a couple of hundred cables and chargers laying around to help us out if our battery is low. But outside of the office we are on our own and we know that many of you have the same issues. A quick glance around Twitter shows us that lot’s of you even spend your ‘last energy’ on informing your followers that you are twexit because of battery shortage. We have collected 5 insights from around the web that might be useful to extend both the battery life and the battery life span (the time it will take before  your battery actually needs replacement). Note that this list is not complete (after all, we do not want to pretend we know everything) and that depending on your device, the tweaks may be useful or not. In any case, we hope it will help you out!

1) Adjust the brightness. Especially in indoor spaces (like offices), a reduction of the brightness can enhance your battery life, while you will still be able to read and see everything on your screen.

2) Don’t expose your device to high temperatures. Next time you are at the swimming pool or at the beach, search for a place with some shade, so you’re phone will make it through the day and more important: through the year. Warm temperatures can significantly harm both life and lifespan of your battery.

3) Use as many WiFi as possible, it uses less energy than using mobile data. Also, turn of your Bluetooth if you are not using it or intend to use it in the near future.

4) Turn off location services. most (new) smartphones have a built-in GPS to help you find directions, navigate, etc. Even when you are not using location services, it still requires energy from your phone. So turn it off if you don’t use it!

5) Shut down applications you are not using. Depending on the brand and device you are using, settings might differ a bit, but make sure to check the ‘Manage applications’ section on  your device. Turn off push notifications for apps you only use occasionally.

What if you have already tried all of the above and still find yourself stuck with low batteries often? Then try a battery case. It gives you up to one full extra charge of your battery.  Battery cases are designed for specific smartphone models (like this one for Samsung Galaxy S3), so make sure to pick one that is made for your smartphone model. Or, and this might be an even better solution: take an external battery charger with you. This is especially useful because it is universal and can therefore be used with  all devices. Whenever you are in need of some extra power, just connect it and you’re good to go. Make sure to pick one that has enough capacity to charge your device!

Do you have another good recommendation on how to enhance battery life? Leave it in the comments below this post.

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