Join our Friday Faves Giveaway!

In January and February, every Friday, one our team members is giving away his or her favorite Avanca product.

This is your chance to win the coolest mobile lifestyle accessories!

This week we give away Douwe’s choice. Douwe is our customer service specialist and he is always one of the first to try out new products, like this Valentine’s edition of our waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

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*Winners get a personal message by email after each Friday Faves Giveaway.

Other Friday Faves

January 29th: Jan Paul’s (product engineer) choice: Bluetooth beanie and touchscreen gloves (sign-up closed)

Avanca Bluetooth Beanie and touchscreen gloves

January, 22th: Nathalie’s (marketing director) choice: Laptop Stand (sign-up closed)


January, 15th: Maurick’s (commercial director) choice: Powerbar Pro 9000 (sign-up closed)

Powerbar Pro 9000

January, 8th: Nadine’s (brand marketeer) choice: Bluetooth Audio Earmuffs (sign-up closed)

Avanca Bluetooth Audio Earmuffs