Expected: Avanca Sports Belt

sports belt

An active and healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. With hundreds of (free) programs, apps and fitness wearables it’s easier than ever to keep track of your progress, set goals and workout whenever and wherever you want. But running with your smartphone in your hand is not that comfortable. And where do you leave your expensive device when you want to do your burpees or push ups? In December, Avanca introduces the perfect solution: the Avanca Sports Belt.

When you are ready to start your exercise, you just click the ultralight (58g) Sports Belt around your waist or hips. Easily slip your smartphone, money, your membership card of the gym or an energy bar into the master compartment of the belt. You can also carry and store your key safely in the separate key pocket inside the belt.

Do you already use the Avanca wireless headphones? Combine the belt with the matching sport headphones. The zip of the Sports Belt is offered in the same colors as the Avanca headphones.

Avanca Sports Belt Yellow

The Sports Belt enables you to carry any smartphone, including phablet-sized devices such as iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7 or LG G5.

The sports belt is expected in the beginning of December. Sign up for our newsletter to receive an exclusive early bird discount.