7 reasons why this mobile charger is your new best friend

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‘My new best friend’, that is how our panel member Stefanie calls the Powerbar Pro 5000 mobile emergency charger. Before she started using this universal powerbank, she found herself more than often running to the current power to plugin her smartphone at the end of the day. After switching to the Powerbar Pro 5000 she checks her e-mail, watches a YouTube video or logs on to Facebook, all without worrying about an empty battery. With a 8,8 score on a 10-point scale, this powerbank is an absolute winner. We made a list of the 7 most mentioned reasons why this charger will make you very happy.

1) The battery capacity

With a capacity of 5000 mAh the Powerbar Pro 5000 can easily charge most mobile devices several times. Panel member Roel, who uses an iPhone 5, can charge his phone at least three times. Time to say goodbye to blinking warning lights and empty batteries!

2) The simplicity

Just be honest, how often did you try to use a product without reading the manual? Fortunately, for 86% of the panel members, there was no need to reach out for the manual of this powerbank. Jean-Christophe: ‘It’s really easy to use, just one button and an easy to understand status indication with LED lights around it.’

3) LED indication

The LED indication pointed out by Jean-Christophe gives practical information about the charging and battery level of the Powerbar Pro 5000. One burning light means the powerbank is charged for 25%, two burning lights mean 26-50% and so on. With just one click on the button you will be able to see the remaining battery level of the charger. ‘I am really excited about those blinking lights that give me more info!’ states Ingrid.

4) Compatibility

The Powerbar Pro 5000 is a universal powerbank and can therefore be used with almost any mobile device. With the included USB cable and several connection pins you can easily connect the charger to your device. Many panel members in addition use their own cables. ‘A good solution if you don’t want to switch the connection pin all the time.’

5) The design

The eye catching design and the several colors to choose from add great value to the product. ‘It is a beautiful powerbank, a really neat look and good design’, Frank writes in his review. Trendy and neat are often heard terms when our panel talks about the design of the Powerbar Pro 5000. The design of this powerbank is patented, so there are no other chargers on the market with the exact same look.

6) The weight

With a weight of only 135 gram the Powerbar Pro 5000 is light as a feather and therefore really easy to carry. As most emergency chargers are used on the go, a lightweight design is a big pro. ‘A perfect catch!’ says Roel.

7) The robust design

A powerbank should be made of longlasting and robust material. ‘The metal housing of the powerbank is really solid’, states Jean-Christophe, and the majority of the panel members agree with him. Don´t worry about the Powerbar Pro 5000 to get broken, it can stand some shocks and bumps.

Nobody’s perfect

It’s obvious our consumer panel is really excited about the Powerbar Pro 5000 mobile charger. Aren’t there any negative points? Of course there are, perfect friends don’t exist, do they? An often heard request is a carrying bag so the powerbank can easily be carried with the cable and connection pins. Point taken, at the next production round we will definitely check for the possibilities to include a carrying bag for this (and other) mobile chargers.

The Powerbar Pro 5000 is a universal mobile charger which can be used to charge smartphones, MP3/MP4-players, eReaders, GPS, (small) tablets and other mobile devices. Visit this page for more information about the Powerbar Pro 5000.