Our Story

Youthful, progressive, and reliable. These are the key values we stand for and believe in. Avanca is an innovative mobile tech accessories brand from The Hague (The Netherlands), driven by design and usability. We are a skillful team, who love to creatively combine design and function. We are in the market for 11 years, but we are now transforming ourselves as a brand, with a fit for the future.

Our mission is to make technology available to everyone. We incorporate technology in beautifully designed products, that are easy to use and understand. All our products are developed by our Dutch in-house design team and are manufactured by a network of world class partners. We are constantly developing new ideas and concepts to build a brand and a story that people love.

It is our vision that consumers want to benefit from high quality products, for a fair price. To achieve this we have decided to sell our products exclusively through selected online marketplaces and platforms around the world. This way we are able to cut out the middle man and exceed customer expectations by providing  top-notch products at a modest price.

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