ToughGlass™ Blue Ray Filter for iPad


Top quality tempered Japanese glass with special blue ray filter. Protect your iPad against shocks, cracks and scratches and protect your eyes against harmful blue light.

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The iPad might be your best friend, but it is the worst enemy of your sleeping pattern. Not only because ‘one more episode of House of Cards’ often leads to red eyes the next day because one episode became five episodes, but mostly because of (over) exposure to blue light of mobile devices. Research from amongst others Harvard shows that this part of the light spectrum has a negative impact on melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep.

Harmful during the day

Blue light not only disturbs our sleeping pattern, it causes harm during the day too. Everyone knows the feeling of dry eyes, a blurred view or headaches after hours of staring to an iPad screen. These symptoms of eye fatigue or eye strain are annoying and can be exhausting. Last but not least exposure to blue light increases the risk of retina damage and the chances of experiencing Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

So why don’t you just stop using your iPad? As simple as this may sound, we guess no one will be able or willing to do that. We are connected almost 24 hours a day. And even if we would reduce the use of our mobile devices, we would still be exposed to blue light during the times we do use it. Avanca ToughGlass Blue Ray Filter offers the perfect solution and protects both your eyes and your iPad.

No more broken nights, no more broken screen

Avoid high repair costs and frustrations with Avanca ToughGlass. Our ultra-strong layered glass protect your device better than any other screen protector.

Avanca ToughGlass is made of top quality tempered Japanese glass, an ultra-thin (0.33mm) sheet of glass that you ‘glue’ to your device. Through a careful 10-step process and three years of experience in developing products we obtain this incredibly strong, yet flexible glass protector.  The 9H (Mohs scale) scratch-free surface of the glass is extremely hard and easily resists keys or even a knife. In case you accidently drop your iPad, Avanca ToughGlass absorbs the impact of the shock, so your screen won’t burst or break.

Besides taking care of your iPad display Avanca ToughGlass takes care of your eyes too. The special blue ray filter in the screen protector filters the harmful blue light. Avanca ToughGlass reduce complaints such as dry eyes and headaches and restore your sleeping pattern.

What is the difference between Avanca ToughGlass tempered glass and a plastic screen protector?

Plastic screen protectors usually glue to your screen by an adhesive such as static electricity. Applying one of these plastic sheets can be a frustrating and time consuming task and almost impossible to do without leaving one or more air bubbles. Our tempered glass screen protectors have a special silicone adhesive side. After cleaning the screen of your device, you simply place this silicone side on your screen and it will automatically ‘glue’ itself to the screen. Your touchscreen will stay as touch sensitive as before and you get a natural feel while operating your iPad.

Avanca ToughGlass is covered with an oleophobic coating to remove smudges and finger prints easily.

Avanca ToughGlass Blue Ray is available for:

iPad Air
iPad Mini
iPad 2/3/4


  • Top quality tempered Japanese glass
  • Hardness: 9H
  • Thickness: 0,33mm
  • Blue ray filter against harmful blue light
  • Reduces eye fatigue and eye strain complaints such as headaches and dry eyes
  • Compatible in combination with a bumper or case
  • Oleophobic coating to remove smudges and finger prints easily

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