Anodized aluminium bumper for iPhone 6 plus


New generation bumper made of anodized aluminium. Available in 7 different colors. Compatible with iPhone 6 Plus.

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This new generation bumper for iPhone 6 Plus is made of anodized aluminium and protects your smartphone in a sophisticated and stylish way.

Anodized aluminium is an extremely hard and durable metal. It’s almost impossible to break and is not weakened by oxidation. The matte look of this bumper is a wonderful combination with the design of the iPhone 6 Plus.

All the features of your iPhone 6 Plus remain completely uncovered, so you can use your smartphone just the way you are used to. The bumper protects your device from bumps, shocks and scratches.

The bumper is lightweight and will only add 11 grams to the weight of your device. The bumper is compatible with iPhone 6 Plus and is available in 7 stunning colors: black, silver, grey, gold, blue, red or pink.


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